Settlements & Verdicts

Orlando Negligent Failure to Maintain Roadway

Year: 2009 / Amount: $3,750,000.00

Represented a client who was exiting the interstate while safely operating his motorcycle. This particular exit ramp was within the zone of a large D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) project. DOT awarded a contract to a large nationwide contractor. Failure by that contractor to monitor and maintain the ramp (which had daily amounts of dirt and debris dumped on it by dump trucks) led to the motorcycle’s loss of traction. Consequently, the clients motorcycle slid out from under him causing him to skid and subsequently slam into a parked vehicle. Following several surgical procedures, the client developed incomplete quadriplegia. As a result, the client’s spouse had to quit her job to become a full time caretaker for her husband. This case was vigorously defended by both the contractor and the other defendant, a local municipality. Legal and medical causation defenses were asserted.The client’s case had a significant obstacle to overcome; that being the client’s symptoms did not get noted in any medical records for approx 6 months after the accident. After several years of litigation the case was resolved after mediation and prior to trial for $3.75 Million prior to trial. (10th Judicial Circuit).

Orlando 4 Wheeler Accident Settlement

Year: 2008 / Amount: $100,000.00

Recovered $100,000.00 for a boy who was ejected from a 4-wheeler (mule) while playing with other unsupervised children. The property owner allowed a group of boys (all under the age of 12) to drive around his ranch in this vehicle. The child/ driver made a sharp turn, thereby ejecting the client and breaking his femur bone. Due to the child’s age, it was arranged for the settlement to be placed in an annuity to be accessed when he reaches majority age. The case was settled in the 18th Judicial Circuit Courts of Florida.

Orlando Uninsured Motorist Auto Accident

Year: 2008 / Amount: $125,000.00

Represented a young female client that was a passenger of a drunk driver who caused a single car accident in Orlando. Our client suffered a lower extremity injury that has limited her enjoyment of life as well as her activities of daily living. As a resident of her parents household, she was entitled to the coverages provided by that family’s uninsured motorist auto insurance policy for car accidents such as this. The insurance company refused to pay a reasonable amount so a lawsuit was filed and the case litigated for $125,000. The case was settled in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.

Orlando Premises Liability Settlement

Year: 2007 / Amount: $195,000.00

Client entered store on a shopping trip but stumbled over a cart left just inside the door. Severe lower extremity injuries were sustained and liability was initially denied by the store. Ultimately the store and its insurance company agreed to settle the case for $195,000.00. ( 9th Judicial Circuit).

Orlando Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Year: 2006 / Amount: $500,000.00

In a case involving foreign (Canadian) tortfeasors, represented the motorcycle operator who sustained serious lower extremity injuries in an automobile/motorcycle accident. After perfecting service of the lawsuit on the automobile owner via The Hague Convention and after protracted discovery, the case settled for $500,000.00 prior to trial. (7th Judicial Circuit).

Orlando Car and Pedestrian Accident Settlement

Year: 2006 / Amount: $1,000,000.00

A 40 year old pedestrian was struck by a Canadian tourist while walking along a highway in Volusia County, thereby sustaining catastrophic injuries(semi-vegetative state and disabling orthopedic injuries). Policy limits for this automobile accident of $1,000,000.00 were secured against the drivers’ insurance company. These monies were used to set up a trust and annuity to assist client for a lifetime for special needs care.