Personal Injury

Personal Injury

A Personal Injury means you are in a fight for your life. Your freedom and your future could be at stake. We will use our experience to protect your interests at each and every step of the Personal Injury Justice process, including arraignments, court appearances, plea negotiations and trial, if necessary.

What is considered Personal Injury?

A Personal Injury is any physical, mental or emotional harm that an individual may endure. There are several types of perosnal injuries, and we handle a wide range of cases, including:

Car Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Product Liability

Slip / Trip & Falls

Trucking Accidents

Wrongful Death

Whether you have been injured in a severe accident or harmed by a slip and fall, you have a right to pursue justice and are entitled to compensation. At The Law Office of Kevin C. Maxwell and Associates, we can deliver the tenacious advocacy required to hold responsible parties fully accountable. We know how to prepare cases for trial before a judge or jury and get results. We utilize our experience and creativity to craft favorable plea arrangements.

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